Thursday, August 30, 2012

1st Day of 6th Grade

A week after my high school kids started school, Justin started his first day of middle school!  He is going to a small charter school that is four days a week.  He is really enjoying his first week.  He has even been excited to come home and start his homework!  I am really excited for him too.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dad's 75th Birthday

My dad is turning 75 this August 29th!  We had a birthday dinner at the Chart House in Redondo Beach for him.  He sure looks good for 75 don't you think???

My parents

Cindy and Justin

Sister Susan

Travis and Jeff

Dad, Mom and sister Ronnette

Happy 75th Birthday Dad!

1st Day of High School

I have two high school students this year!  I am still wondering how this happened!!!  Morgan is joining Garrett this year at our local high school.  She is excited and scared at the same time.  I don't blame her she has been home schooled all her life and now she is venturing into a large school.  I will be spending lots of time on my knees this year with all three kids in school.  I must say  I was pretty sad to see them go because it is the first time in sixteen years I haven't had kids at home with me.  I loved the flexible home school schedule,  being able to take off when needed  but mostly just hanging with my kids everyday is the hardest part of seeing them off.

Justin starts school Monday and I will post pictures of him then.

Morgan first day of 9th grade

Garrett first day of 10th grade

My Sister Cindy's Birthday

A reason to celebrate!  Happy Birthday Cindy!

Beach Camping at Leo Carrillo

My good looking 16 year old.

My handsome 12 year old.

Garrett and Justin

My mega babe husband!

My stunning 14 year old. :)

Morgan and her bestie Makayla

Morgan's 14 Birthday!

It seems like yesterday that my baby girl was born and then today I woke up and she turned 14!  Crazy!!!  People told me the years would fly by and boy have they!  Morgan is such a blessing to our family.  I thank God for her everyday.  She is growing up into such a lovely young woman.  I am so proud of her constant desire to become more like Christ and become the best person she can be!

The evening before her birthday we had a family party at the Macaroni Grill.

My beautiful 14 year old!

Morgan and Daddy

Looking goofy!

Surprised and excited!

She threw herself a "Bunko" birthday party on her actual day.  She did all the planning, made the invites and ran the show!

Happy 14th Birthday Morgan!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

River Rafting

Oh we had a blast today!  We went on a half day river raft trip in the mountains of Buena Vista.  Our guide was sweet her name was Jessy.  It seems we have met a new Jessy everyday this week!  Must be a popular name here in Colorado. :)  I love the fact that they have a professional photographer taking the pictures.